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A writer's website doesn't need to be fancy, but it should be logically laid out for easy navigation.


While there are many lists of resources for writers, this list is specifically for writers' websites. - a reasonable group author site.†If you don't have a site of any kind yet, this is one place to post your information. Do buy your domain and direct it to your page, though and keep in mind that your author information is competing with many others and the ads on the site. - comprehensive guide from Yale University. The rules are different when you write for the web. - guidelines for search engine optimization. - amusing and thorough analysis of bad websites. (Make sure that your website isn't one of the "daily suckers!");; - There are many places to get ideas for your website design, but sites that display templates are a good place to start.  If you use a template to give yourself a consistent structure, you could save some work - some are free and some are not.  Some template-based websites require that you go through their own editing procedures and may cost quite a bit more per month than a normally hosted site.  Do your homework. - inexpensive and reliable for hosting and registering domain names. Even if you're posted on a "free" site or a group site, you can buy a domain like www.yourname .com and forward it to that site for $8.95/year. - The open directory project.  Your website needs to be listed here or on another appropriate listing.  You can only choose one place.

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Don't line up your pictures like a bingo card!  Boring...

Lining up a Bingo Card of tiny pictures of yourself, expecting your website visitors to link to a bigger version of each snapshot is unbelievably boring.  If you have a story to tell about how you came to be a writer or something interesting that you've done, then tell that story in words and illustrate it with appropriate photos.

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