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What is niche writing?

It's often difficult to stand out in the pandemonium on the Internet, but if you can carve out a niche or specialty where you can become the expert, then you have more of a chance to make a name for yourself.

Managing Your Online Presence 
or How I Ended Up Being Featured on USA Today

"As I related to writers attending the Tallahassee Writers' Conference in March 2010, I've branded myself as a Florida garden writer. For every appearance on my self-designed book tour around the state, I wear a flowered shirt, and hand out bookmarks that reflect the look of my book, "Sustainable Gardening for Florida," and that have the link to the book website. More importantly, almost everything I do online contributes to this brand. I stay away from controversial topics like politics or religion. In other words, I avoid topics that do not advance my brand and ones that might alienate some of my potential fans." Read more...


Writers web site
where writers gather to improve their websites. 

There is so much misinformation from so-called experts, that writers, as a group, often have poorly conceived websites.  Creating and maintaining an effective writer's website doesn't have to be expensive and it's not rocket science, really!  There's lots of friendly and useful  information on these pages.

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